ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific Summit 2023

KABAM Robotics showcased its cutting-edge robotics solutions at the ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific Summit 2023. At the summit, we showcased Co-Lab, our indoor robot, emphasizing its crucial role in advancing security and facility management through our Smart+ Work Management System. The demo emphasized the seamless integration of REMI, an AI language model, for user interaction in concierge services.

Michael M. Sayre also discussed on how we leverage the convergence of technological breakthroughs in robot navigation, computer vision, GenAI, and Language Learning Models, illustrating real-life examples of our robots making positive tangible impacts on security across various environments, from public spaces to commercial buildings.

IMDA Digital Transformation Industry Day 2023

KABAM Robotics had the opportunity to exhibit at the IMDA Digital Transformation Industry Day 2023, showcasing how our robotics solutions are transforming operational workflows in businesses.

Our Executive Director, Michael M. Sayre engaged in a panel discussion titled “Emerging Technologies that Will Change the Future of Businesses”.

Hospitality Tomorrow Conference 2023

KABAM Robotics was at Republic Polytechnic to exhibit in the Hospitality Tomorrow Conference 2023. This event served as a wonderful opportunity for us to share how our indoor robot, Co-Lab and device agnostic robot operations platform, Smart+ can empower the service workforce.