ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific Summit 2023

KABAM Robotics proudly presented its state-of-the-art robotics solutions, driven by ROS, at the ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific Summit 2023.

At the summit, we showcased Co-Lab, our indoor robot, emphasizing its crucial role in advancing security and facility management through our Smart+ Work Management System. The demo highlighted the seamless integration of REMI, our AI language model, enabling effortless user interaction for concierge service.

Michael M. Sayre also shared insights on how we leverage the convergence of technological breakthroughs in robot navigation, computer vision, GenAI, and Language Learning Models (LLMs) to develop robots that significantly contribute to facilities management, concierge services, and public safety. He presented compelling real-life examples illustrating the tangible impact our robots make on security across diverse environments, ranging from public spaces to commercial buildings.

Heartfelt thanks to ROS-Industrial for the invitation — providing a valuable platform for connecting, exchanging ideas, and exploring collaborations. This summit reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotics, anticipating continued innovation in the dynamic realms of technology! 🤖🚀