SBS Transit Safety Symposium 2024

In partnership with SBS Transit Ltd, we are proud to unveil our co-developed pioneering solution, the Multi-role Robot (MR-2), at the recent SBS Transit Safety Symposium. MR-2 is a multi-role robot with safety, security and cleaning capabilities. It can independently patrol bus interchanges and MRT stations, identify security concerns such as unattended bags, broadcast safety-related messages, and undertake cleaning duties at transport hubs.

Together with SBS Transit Ltd, we’re committed to driving innovation and strengthening workplace safety and operation management in the public transport industry – a safe workplace is a happy workplace!

We look forward to continuing our collaboration and working together to create a safer and more enjoyable travel experience for all 🤝

👀✨ Keep an eye out for our MR-2 robot in action at Little India MRT Station on the Downtown Line!