SGTech Demo Showcase 2024

We attended the SGTech Demo showcase, marking the completion of a year-long project at JTC Summit, where we integrated RMF into our indoor robots, Casey and Co-Lab. 🤖

Through a live demonstration, we highlighted how Casey, powered by RMF, autonomously interacted and navigated with the building’s lifts and access control systems, showcasing its ability to avoid collisions with other robots through traffic deconfliction and mapping alternative paths with precision.

We also showcased Co-Lab’s impressive navigation capabilities via Smart+ management system and our integrated Large language Model (LLM), REMI. Powered by AI, REMI demonstrated concierge functions such as answering questions and guiding individuals to various areas.

A huge shoutout to everyone involved in this RMF implementation project! 🙌 As the demo concludes, we are excited about the potential of the gathered data to enhance RMF capabilities and propel robotics technology to new heights.